Cloud-Based Back Office and CRM
Your own online business control center.
Solve operational issues and make sure that every employee can track, prioritize and process pending transactions with greater speed and efficiency, regardless of their location.
Key Capabilities
Order Processing

Make your customer service stand out with efficient order fulfillment and processing systems. DYNINNO specializes in complex sales processes with a persistent focus on employing the best industry practices and standards.

Workforce Management

Schedule tracking and progressive commission functionality to maximize conversion by rewarding high-performers with bonuses.

Workflow Automation

We transform time-consuming processes into automated parallel workflows. DYNINNO optimises staff workload and boosts productivity by using VoIP and front-end integration, commission schemes and finance management, schedule management, marketing campaigns, integrated with follow-up systems and analytics.

Custom Reporting

An executive view of your business performance by unit, campaign, market, and product line, facilitating strategic decision-making and risk management.


Increase revenue, reduce costs and enhance customer loyalty with DYNINNO's business optimising solutions such as customer profiling, and value tracking for B2C and B2B segments, including cross-departmental integration with customer support to ensure a pipeline of customer requests within one system.


DYNINNO created a reliable network to manage all compliance legal challenges and protect data, so that your customers feel safe. Get a state-of-the-art platform powering your contact center, maintain PCI DSS Compliance with ease and protect your employees, customers, and business from damaging security breaches.

Rapid Feature Deployment

With module-based architecture, DYNINNO lays the groundwork for rapid feature deployment, allowing developers to address your business needs on demand.

This solution was successfully implemented in the following projects:
Travel consolidator with over 11 years of experience on the travel market, providing cost-effective solutions for airlines, allowing vast business opportunities for travel agencies and independent agents.
Subscription service for actors, entertainers, models, dancers and extras to connect with casting directors, filmmakers and photographers.