Business Process Outsourcing
You can’t predict future, but you can plan it.
DYNINNO comes up with a game plan to boost your revenue. Regardless of your product, we are confident that our training division will prepare the right people with the right skills to pitch and persuade, as well as up-sell and cross-sell to your customers, while delivering ultimately qualitative service. By choosing our services to arrange, manage and support a call center you will get a dedicated outsourced team of highly-trained professionals that you can rely on to drive your sales.
Key Capabilities
HR Management

From initial stages of recruitment to ongoing motivational training, our HR managers and team leaders use their proven practices to hire and retain the best professionals.

Marketing and Sales

Maximize your revenue and reach target audiences through search engine results, mobile media, and major offline marketing channels.

Bookkeeping and Finance

We take care of employee record data entry and management, data tracking, as well as payroll processing and administration. What’s more, we process various types of invoices and statements, whether its credit card, accounts payable or regular payment related. DYNINNO provides financial service that is accurate, on-time, accessible and manageable through accounts payable, tax and payroll reporting services.

IT Help Desk

Get real-time access to the help desk service which provides quick technical problem solution without losing sales.

Quality Assurance

Every call is recorded and archived to guarantee transparency of all operations, allowing compliance supervisors to enforce your quality standards.

Development and Back-End

Our experts focus on your requirements to generate an ultimate plan to optimise your costs and to help you keep the competitive edge. Track, prioritize, and process transactions with greater speed and efficiency, regardless of the location.

Intelligent Call Routing

We provide optimal queuing mechanism with agent prioritization logic that helps to deliver calls to the right agent with the right expertise to reach best conversion results.


Our analytical solutions are created for marketing, advertising, front-end development, VoIP-systems and much more. We manage market research and process customer information, building databases and administration systems.

Cost -Efficiency and No Third Party Licensing Fees

We provide the right features without third party licensing fees – this is the essence of our approach to sustain long-term cost efficiency by utilizing open-source platforms.

Custom Solutions

We take programmed modules and set them up according to your business needs. Our specialists can change commission percentage depending on geographical position of your office, season or manager’s specialization. CMS system allows you to customize your website’s landing page or sections within couple clicks. With our VoIP solutions you can set-up easy or complex logic for any call routing. DYNINNO makes sure your business never stops. We've spent decades refining our sales and business lead generation practices so you can reach your goals faster and cheaper, with full 24/7 access to all calls, leads and recordings of your campaign.

This solution was successfully implemented in the following projects:
Travel consolidator with over 11 years of experience on the travel market, providing cost-effective solutions for airlines, allowing vast business opportunities for travel agencies and independent agents.
A microloan company working on creating convenient and friendly way for customers to get easy access to money.