Dedicated Call Center
Save time spent between calls and focus on generating sales and revenue.
Call centers arranged, supported and managed by us is an all-encompassing strategic solution for medium and large businesses seeking to maximise operational efficiency. Gain total control over a flexible infrastructure that delivers the ultimate performance, aligned with your business needs as they evolve.
Key Capabilities
Call Center Scaling and Management

We recruit and train sales and support staff that talk client’s language, 24/7. Independent sales agents recruited and trained by us are able to take over 10,000 calls daily, delivering ultimate performance.

Cloud-Based Back Office and CRM Integration

We provide full order processing integration, lead generation campaign management, CRM and workforce management functions of your back office.

Real-Time Monitoring

All conversations can be monitored and tracked by caller ID in real-time, allowing compliance supervisors and managers to enforce your service quality standards.

No Extra Licensing Costs

We give you tailored solutions with no third party licensing fees – this is the essence of our approach to sustain long-term cost efficiency by utilizing open-source platforms.

Intelligent Call Routing

We provide optimal queuing mechanism with agent prioritization logic that helps to deliver calls to the right agent with the right expertise to reach best conversion results.


Our solution allows automatic client connection with the next available agent, which saves at least 35% of staff’s time.

Motivational TV Screens

Delivering high quality service is our priority, that is why our sales agents are able to monitor their performance on designated TV screens with live progress dashboards.

Certified IT Staff

Our highly experienced IT team is ready to service your newly established call center anytime, anywhere.

This solution was successfully implemented in the following projects:
Travel consolidator with over 11 years of experience on the travel market, providing cost-effective solutions for airlines, allowing vast business opportunities for travel agencies and independent agents.
Subscription service for actors, entertainers, models, dancers and extras to connect with casting directors, filmmakers and photographers.